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Auschwitz memorial reports record numbers of visitors in 2011

Friday Jan 06 2012 09:40:00 AM COMMENTS

The memorial site of Auschwitz-Birkenau saw record audiences in 2011, figures released Friday indicated, with over 1.4 million visitors.

The impressive soar underlines how the death and labor complex that Nazi Germany built in occupied southern Poland during World War II has become one of Europe's most visited Holocaust remembrance sites.

While the large number of visitors is seen as important for Holocaust education, mass tourism there is also adding strain to the barracks and other structures. Many are already in a state of severe dilapidation due to the passage of time, and the officials overseeing the site are struggling to preserve what they can.

The museum and memorial site said most of the visitors last year were from Poland, but other nationalities represented in large numbers are Britain, Italian, Israel, Germany, France and the United States. Haaretz

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