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KJ Landowner request for annexation Due To Hearing During The High Holy Days

Sunday Aug 29 2010 10:36:00 AM COMMENTS

Ziggy Brach, a Brooklyn electronics mogul and a leader of the dissident community in Kiryas Joel, had filed a request on Aug. 3 to transfer 13 wooded acres he owns from Woodbury into Monroe, perhaps looking for more favorable zoning.

But Woodbury Mayor Michael Queenan said last week that Brach had withdrawn his petition, citing a conflict between an upcoming hearing on the annexation request and the High Holy Days (the Sept. 13 hearing would have fallen between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur).

Brach's land is off Seven Springs Road, next to Kiryas Joel (Brach carved off a corner of it a few years ago for Kiryas Joel to erect a water tower there). He has floated various plans for the property, and recently proposed piping water to it — and to another development project in Monroe — from the Country Crossings community in Woodbury.  Record

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