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{PHOTOS, VIDEO}Monsey-NY, Residents On The Edge As More Storms Forcasted For Today

Friday Jun 24 2011 09:19:00 AM COMMENTS

The rains came fast and furious in parts of the Hudson Valley on Thursday with as much as two inches an hour falling. They took their toll on Rockland County and other southern areas of the region. Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef declared a state of emergency when a number of roads were flooded out, chief among them New Hempstead Road in New City.

The emergency declaration as eventually lifted, but more thunderstorms are likely today.

In the Monsey area, residential streets were also plunged underwater, with levels rising fast and consuming vehicles.  There was one injuries reported. 

Flooding In Monsey & Spring Valley Areas In Rockland County NY
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The water was coming with a strong force that it moved a storage trailer of a private property into the road hittng a parked car.

Chaverim Of Rockland was bombarded with phone calls from Monsey Residents that were either trapped in vehicles or in houses, according to a Chaverim Coordinator they had at one time more than 10 call per minute, and needed 4 dispatchers to pick up phones.

One of the stranded that were rescued through Chaverim had to be transported to the hospital after the elder woman was stranded in more than 4 Ft of water that was rushing into her house.

With the floods waters slowly receding Monsey Residents are on the edge as more thunderstorms are forcasted for today. 

The National Weather Service says those storms are capable of producing one to two inches of rain an hour. YiddishNayes




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